NFT Flow

Customers join scheduled NFT drops to purchase packs in a whitelist and/or a queue. Pack drops can vary in rarity and cost, drop content ranges from common to incredibly rare, customers are restricted from purchasing multiple packs in one drop

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NFT Drop Events

Customers join scheduled NFT drops to purchase packs from a whitelist and/or queue

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Themed Drops

Drops are themed and the cost fluctuates based on pack rarity and content

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Queued Customers

Pack hoarding is mitigated by limiting purchase and queuing customers during drop events

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NFT Rarity

Content has a defined rarity and scarcity is crucial to the infrastructure

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NFT Content can be bought or re-sold on the Marketplace

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Generate Revenue

Customers can develop and ultimately generate revenue from player NFTs

NFT Content

Content has a defined rarity that determines the chance that it will drop. Fresh content can be generated from league highlights and player performances. Celebrity owners also generate content through their memorabilia or league moments.

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College Players

College Players are rare NFT content that can be developed and generate revenue for customers

College Trainers Icon


Create your own Gym and focus your player training using Training NFTs

League Players Icon

League Players

League players generate revenue if they are on a team roster and their highlights create new collectible moments all season

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High value collectibles include celebrity owner memorabilia from their playing careers

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Once they are in the league, player careers are heavily influenced by team owner decisions