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The Training Gym

Find Your Gym Icon

Find Your Gym

Acquire a training gym through an asset drop or in the marketplace. Rare gyms have more slots for training stations and trainers.

Station To Station Icon

Station To Station

Each gym has empty slots that can be filled with training stations. There are hundreds of stations, each with a unique training specialty.

Making Connections Icon

Making Connections

Training stations + trainers maximize the progression points a trained virtual player earns each day

Customize Your Gym

Training Stations

On The Hunt Icon

On The Hunt

Training Stations range from common to rare and collectors can hunt for new training stations in asset drops or on the marketplace.

Staying Focused Icon

Staying Focused

Every training station has a focus that can either apply to all players (speed training) or very specific positions and attributes (QB Accuracy Training).

Rarity Matters Icon

Rarity Matters

Rarity determines which positions can train at a station. The rarest training stations offer more flexibility.

Take It To The Next Level

Trainers and Training Aides

A Perfect Match Icon

A Perfect Match

Trainers and Training Aides connect to specific stations and provide a boost to the progression points virtual players earn.

Special Set of Skills Icon

Special Set of Skills

Most trainers have a specialty that is focused on a unique type of training for one position (like a QB Accuracy Expert).

Influencers Icon


Celebrity trainers are rare and provide significant boosts to a virtual player’s training.

Invest In Your Gym

Staking Rewards

Staking Your Training Assets Icon

Staking Your Training Assets

Stake every training asset. Staked gyms, trainers and stations earn bigger and better rewards.

For The Long Haul Icon

For The Long Haul

The longer you stake, the greater the rewards. Turn a basic trainer into one of the best over time.

Powered Up Icon

Powered Up

Staked trainers and stations give you amazing bonuses and help you to progress your virtual players while building your gym for the long term.

Hard Work Pays Off

Training Results

Extra Points Icon

Extra Points

Players earn progression points while at training stations, and the amount earned depends on the quality of the station and the connected trainer.

Rest And Reward Icon

Rest And Reward

Players also have ‘energy’, which must be managed. When their energy runs out, they must rest before training again. Player energy is another factor in points earned.

The Choice Is Yours Icon

The Choice Is Yours

Stations and trainers can have limited time, fans must maximizing that time. Pull it off and you could turn your virtual player into an impact player in the League.